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You need more than just a single solution, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 10 years to build your brand and grow your profits.   Let UniElec help you achieve business success.

Design & Manufacturing Services

UniElec  is  a  leading  provider  of  networking  communication  equipment,  specializing  in  the  design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge products. With our extensive experience and expertise in the  industry,  we  offer  comprehensive  Original  Design  Manufacturer  (ODM)  and  Original  Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. 

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SNPlatform NameCPU ArchitectureMax MemoryTypical Board Power Consumption(W)VPN (Kbyte/S@1024 Packet Size)Typical Board Cost (USD)Supported OS
1MT7621A2*MIPS 1008K@880MHZ512MB/64MB NOR★★Openwrt
2MT7623A 4* ARM Cortex-A7@1.3GHz 2GB/EMMC★★★★★★★★★Openwrt
3IPQ80704*ARM Cortex A53s@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC★★★★Openwrt
4IPQ80714*ARM Cortex A53s@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC★★★★★★Openwrt
5IPQ80724*ARM Cortex A53@2.2 GHz2GB/ EMMC★★★★★★★★★★★★Openwrt
6IPQ6000 4*ARM Cortex A53@1.2 GHz2GB/ EMMC★★★★Openwrt
7IPQ50182*ARM Cortex-A53@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC/SPI NAND★★Openwrt
8IPQ95544*ARM Cortex-A73@1.5 GHz2GB/ EMMC/SPI NAND★★★★81★★★★★★★Openwrt
9MT79812*ARM Cortex-A53@1.3GHz 512MB/EMMC/SPI NAND★★56★Openwrt
10MT79864*ARM Cortex-A53@2.0GHz 2GB/EMMC/SPI NAND★★★85★Openwrt
11J6413/64124*X86 Cores@ 3.0GHz16GB/EMMC/NVME★★★★53★★★★★★Openwrt/Linux/Win
1MT7621A2*MIPS 1008K@880MHZ512MB/64MB NOR121000025Openwrt
2MT7623A 4* ARM Cortex-A7@1.3GHz 2GB/EMMC2020875.6180Openwrt
3IPQ80704*ARM Cortex A53s@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC1212746.0770Openwrt
4IPQ80714*ARM Cortex A53s@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC1616803.1980Openwrt
5IPQ80724*ARM Cortex A53@2.2 GHz2GB/ EMMC2545095.9495Openwrt
6IPQ6000 4*ARM Cortex A53@1.2 GHz2GB/ EMMC1121824.5135Openwrt
7IPQ50182*ARM Cortex-A53@1.0 GHz1GB/ EMMC/SPI NAND1114592.8926Openwrt
8IPQ95544*ARM Cortex-A73@1.5 GHz2GB/ EMMC/SPI NAND20805231.27150Openwrt
9MT79812*ARM Cortex-A53@1.3GHz 512MB/EMMC/SPI NAND10557438.226Openwrt
10MT79864*ARM Cortex-A53@2.0GHz 2GB/EMMC/SPI NAND15854639.6245Openwrt
11J6413/64124*X86 Cores@ 3.0GHz16GB/EMMC/NVME20531081.22138Openwrt/Linux/Win

AX3600 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router with Two 10G SFP Ports / U8072-01

AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router / U7981-01-AX

Dual Sim Dual 4G/5G Module Wi-Fi 6 Router / U7621-02-AX

AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router / U5018-01

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