UniElec Recrutment News for Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer --- Unielec


Job description


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Candidate will be a general hardware designer
  • Write specifications for boards 
  • Create schematics, work with layout houses to create finished design and contract manufacturers to deliver prototypes and final design. 
  • Run projects with ODMs where the ODMs do the design, debug and manufacturing. 
  • Debug existing and new designs.

Experience Required:
- 5+ years of experience in Systems Hardware Design or related infrastructure design 
- B.Eng./B.S in Computer engineering or related field 
- The candidate must be able to run server hardware development projects
- Candidate must be able to design and analyze different hardware systems and topologies. 
- Self-motivated individual, must be able to work collaboratively in team environment and across divisions (BGs, MSR) and industry (OEM, ODM), demonstrated technical leadership in driving successful product designs.

  • The candidate must have experience in hardware and systems design both in-house and with ODM/OEMs. 
  • Proven track record characterizing performance, analyzing designs and debugging problems that have surfaced. 
  • Experience with schematic capture tools and board layout tools. 
  • Experience validating signal integrity reports. 
  • Able to run lab tools, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, etc
  • Cadence is a bonus. 

If you are interest on this job, Please sent your resume to our email address:  HR@unielecinc.com

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