UniElec Recrutment News for Production Manager

UniElec Recrutment News for Production Manager 


UniElec believe in the power of people when technology works for you. We believe in applying new thinking and ideas to improve the way our customers live and work. 

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Production Manager --- Unielec


Job description


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Works with the Project Managers to assist in the production flow.  The Production Manager sets the schedule and the Project Manager must ensure that the project is either ready or the portion of the job that the Production Manager has agreed to, be ready for production.
  • After the project has moved into the shop, the Production Manager is responsible for making key decisions in regards to cost and efficiencies.  Once decisions have been made, updating all other team members is critical.
  • Responsible for interacting regularly with other facility managers to facilitate sharing, moving or collaborating on projects as required and approved by the Operations Manager.
  • Makes sure that all phases of the production, changes and avo’s are documented properly. 
  • The Production Manager will see that all of the information has been communicated to each foreman involved in the production of the work order.
  • Available to be on-call by phone in off hours with the ability to respond to any situation pertaining to production.
  • Works with and reports directly to the Operations Manager.  

Experience Required:

  • Complete understanding of estimating procedures.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of production and the exhibit industry.
  • Effective listening skills and the ability to make sound decisions on issues related to the projects being managed.
  • Clearly demonstrated desire for performing in the highest interest of the company and the client equally.
  • Ability to manage and direct in order to ensure the quality, the on-time completion, and the overall profitability of each project.
  • Strong understanding of different materials, processes and their application.
  • Ability to sketch or draw in order to communicate ideas.
  • Strong background in carpentry

If you are interest on this job, Please sent your resume to our email address:  HR@unielecinc.com


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